All C6 & C7 Corvette Models : California Pop Top / Product Number: A114

$ 105.99


All C6 & C7 Corvette Models

California Pop Top.

  • Water resistant yet breathable. Built-in storage bag for clean and easy storage. Covers all windows
  • Fits: All C6 & C7 Corvette Models
  • Blocks 99.8% of the sun's UV rays. California Pop Top's patented fastening band runs across the windshield, under the outside mirrors and is pulled tightly in place around the vehicle by a draw cord attached to each rear corner of the cover.
  • Use with Coupe Top On or Off, or Convertible Top Up or Down
  • Covers all Windows
  • Install or Remove within One Minute
  • Extremely Small Storage Package
  • Use with Top On or Off
  • Protects contents from prying eyes
  • Virtually eliminates solar heat build-up
  • Weights about a pound, less bulk than a full car cover
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Doesn't hide the vehicle's beauty and style
  • Prevents heat damage to stereo speakers and CDs
  • Custom fit - Stays in Place Even in the Wind

Product Number: A114