How to Identify Original Corvette Discontinued Stock Parts?

"Fake has replaced reality as we know it!" Fake amenities and spares are rife in the automotive sector. Businesses are attempting to impose stringent measures against the producers of these fake parts.

However, there is still a sizable portion that you might run into. How can you tell counterfeit Corvette new-old-stock parts from the genuine ones?

How Could Using Fake Parts Endanger You?

Fake Corvette discontinued parts are inferior, as was previously stated. This implies that they may be vulnerable to risks ranging from minor failures to significant hazards such as:

  • Danger of a burn or engine malfunction

  • Damage incurred by windscreens

  • Brake malfunction

  • Electricity risks

  • Structural stability jeopardized

  • Wheels that are less rigid

How then can you ensure that the components in your car are genuine when there is a very high risk associated with using fake pieces? Let's investigate.

How Can I Tell If a Spare Part Is Fake?

To ensure that customers can tell whether the Corvette New Old Stock Parts are legitimate or not, automotive companies have created a number of potential methods.

  • Serial Number and Hologram

    Each and every original OEM/OES spare part has a unique serial number. It can be used to track down the component and determine whether or not the spare part is original. On the parts that cannot be copied, you will also see the unique hologram of the manufacturing company.

  • QR Code

    The majority of spare parts have a QR code, which can be searched with a cellphone to verify the part's authenticity. Each spare part has a distinct QR code, which aids in product tracking as well.

  • RFID Tags

    The high-parts from OEM/OES have an RFID tag that allows the manufacturing company to track them. RFID tags are very useful. If the customer received the best materials or not, the manufacturer can confirm it.

Other ways include:

  1. Spelling errors on the package: This one is fairly simple to understand.

  2. Awkward language: The majority of spare parts are produced by foreign companies, some of which are unaccustomed to the idioms of American English. Pay attention to the language used in any instruction booklets or technical documentation they offer, in particular.

  3. 'Made in' stamps: Watch out for tags that list a nation apart from the one where the component parts are typically manufactured.

  4. The part's component asymmetry: Fake parts are frequently poorly made and created in a rush. Keep an eye out for areas that ought to be symmetrical but aren't.

  5. Huge price differences.

What Should You Do If You Find a Fake or Counterfeit Spare?

It is your responsibility to alert the OEM as soon as possible about the fake components. Additionally, ignore anyone who wants to sell you counterfeit Corvette Discontinued Parts by claiming that they are comparable and will save you money. This little bit of money you might be able to save right now could lead to something very dangerous.

In the End

Corvette New Old Stock Parts, still in excellent shape in General Motors packages, are available at The Spindle People. Rather than coming from the aftermarket, these components are completely new and directly from GM. Thanks to their supplier, you can be certain that these NOS Corvette components are 100 percent original.

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