#1. How long has The Spindle People been in business?

  • The Spindle People have been serving Corvette Community since 1982.

#2. How long has The Spindle People been remanufacturing exchange Corvette rear spindle assemblies for C2 & C3 Corvettes?

  • We have been building C2 & C3 rear exchange Corvette wheel bearing assemblies since 1982. We are the only remanufacture that has a USA & Canadian patented lubrications system built into our exchange units.

#3. How long is the warranty on your exchange spindle assemblies?

  • Our warranty in Three Years to the original owner.

#4. Can anyone install your exchange rear Corvette wheel bearing assemblies?

  • The answer is YES.  If you work on your own Corvette you can install our exchange units.
  • You will need to alter your trailing arm for inside grease fitting. Template included with instruction sheet.

      #5. Were are your Corvette Tools Manufactured?

      • Our main Tools are proudly manufactured in the USA.


      #6. What type of rear wheel bearing grease used in your rear Corvette bearing units?

      • We have only used "Valvoline" Val-Plex EP Wheel Bearing Grease Since 1982
      • Also called Valvoline Multi-Purpose Part #615. Extreme Pressure High Temperature Protection
      • Lubricates at Temperatures ranging from -40F to 400F
      • Use on all Disc Brake Wheel Bearings - Chassis - Suspension - Universal Joints
      • This Grease is an NLGI #2 grade Lithium Complex EP Grease


      #7. How often to you add grease to your patented lubrication system in your units.

      • We are asking to add grease after 20,000 + Miles
      • Pump 3 level tablespoons of grease in each fitting. Rotate spindle 90 degrees and repeat procedure, doing this in four places in each grease fitting.
      • See tag on rear of unit.

      #8. Do you sell Valvoline grease?

      • YES we Do. Valvoline Multi-Purpose Part #615. Extreme Pressure High temperature Protection
      • We sell it for your grease gun. ( Net Wt. 400 Grams.  14.1oz )
      • Part #