Signs There’s Something Wrong With The Trailing Arm Of Your Corvette

Many car owners love their beautiful machines like the Corvette C2 and do their best to learn everything they can about the functioning of the vehicle. But there are certain systems such as the suspension system that causes problems in identifying issues even to the experienced car owners who have good mechanical knowledge. And since there are various types of suspension system, each present different kind of problems, which makes it difficult for the car owner to spot critical problems. 

In this blog, we will talk about trailing arm suspension systems. Along with that, we will share with you signs that indicate toward a damaged trailing arm. Let’s get started.

Trailing Arm

Every trailing arm suspension system contains a part known as trailing arm. You won’t have to concern yourself with this part if your vehicle contains suspension system such as the multi-link suspension, leaf spring, or double wishbone suspension. 

The main job of the trailing arm is to link the car’s axle to its chassis. Apart from the trailing arm, you can find trailing arm bushings in the trailing arm suspension. These are components made of either polyurethane or rubber that serve as cushions to bring down friction between the suspension parts.

Ways To Know A Damaged Trailing Arm

Although the trailing arms in cars are built to last for a long time, the same cannot be said for the bushings, which tend to wear down after a while. You must replace them in time as not doing that can lead to damages to the trailing arm. 

  • The first sign of a damaged trailing arm is clunking noises, which in majority of the cases indicate toward some serious issues. If the rear axle is producing these noises whenever you bring the car to a halt, make a turn, drive over bumps, or place the car in the reverse gear, then it is very likely that trailing arm is the issue. If the noise is getting louder, then it means the problem is getting worse. Get your car inspected straightway to prevent any potential costly damage
  • Another very clear sign is the swaying of the vehicle. If the rear axle starts moving independently from the chassis, which usually happens because of a damaged trailing arm or old bushing, the rear wheels would start to alter the direction of your car
  • Get your vehicle inspected if the tires’ quality is going down way too quickly. This can very possibly happen due to an old bushing or a bad trailing arm, which can cause misalignment in the suspension system. When misalignment takes places, the car’s weight gets distributed unevenly, which then eventually leads to early wearing of the tires
  • Another very apparent indication of a trailing arm or bushing problem is that your car sits uneven. One side will appear higher than the other, which can very easily happen due to old bushings as they make it possible for the rear springs to lift
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