CTEK MUS 7002 Battery Charger / Product Number: A118

$ 174.99

Vendor: CTEK


CTEK MUS 7002 Battery Charger

The MUS 7002 is perfect "all around " 12V charger. Due to its power and robust features, it is a great charger for high demand consumer or for the commercial or professional shop environment. The MUS 7002 also has a Supply Mode which supplies clean and constant power, allowing the battery to be disconnected from the vehicle without losing important electronic data stored in computer memory or providing a constant power source for times when you may need power while providing certain vehicle service or component testing while engine is not running.

  • Charges a broad range of batteries from 14Ah up to 150Ah. Maintains larger batteries up to 225Ah
  • Provides a Battery Diagnosis feature
  • Supply program - can be used as a 12V power sources for light service needs and protect electrical settings when a battery needs to be changed out.
  • Cold weather program, for charging in cold conditions and for AGM batteries.
  • RECOND program - special charge program can be added to charging process to receive deeply discharged and potentially stratified wet batteries
  • Splash resistant and dust-proof to IP65 standards.
  • Voltage 14.4/14.7/15.8/13.6V
  • Charging Current Max 7A
  • CTEK 5 year Limited Warranty.
  • CTEK Worlds Best Battery Chargers

Accessories Included:

  • Storage Bag
  • Quick connector cable

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  • Bumper Cover for CTEK MUS 7002 Model /  Part Number: A119

Product Number: A118