1963 - 1982 Corvette ALL New CASTINGS & PARTS! NO CORE! Loaded Left Hand Bearing Support / Product Number: RS364L

$ 314.95


1963 - 1982 Corvette ALL NEW Casting & PARTS! NO CORE! Loaded Left Hand Bearing Support

  • Why Size Your own Bearing Support!
  • Replace your unit with all new parts.
  • With out our Patented Lubrication System! 
  • Take the hardest part of rebuilding your own assemblies buy purchasing The Spindle People loaded bearing supports.
  • Reduce your rebuild time and utilize The Spindle People Bearing Specifications.
  • New reproduction of original bearing support.
  • New Timken Bearings and Races / Races installed and set.
  • New Inner and Outer Seals
  • New Dust Shield
  • New spacer and shim ground to The Spindle People Specifications of .001 to .0015 end play
  • All you need to do is pack your wheel bearings and assemble

Part Number: RS364L