Heavy Duty Off-Set Trailing Arm with Poly Bushings Right Side 76-82 ( Plus +$200 Refund. Core Charge ) / Product Number: RS145R

$ 870.99


Heavy Duty Off-Set Trailing Arm with Poly Bushing Right Side 76-82

  • New Heavy Duty Off-Set T/Arm.
  • New Spindle, Cotter Pin, Spindle Nut ( Made IN USA )
  • Stainless Steal Parking Brake Hardware.
  • New GM Parking Brake Shoes.
  • New Backing Plate.
  • New Timken Bearings, Races & Seals.
  • Units packed with Valvoline Val-Plex Wheel Bearing Grease.                     
  • Units Set To End play .001 to .0015
  • Complete Assembly, 3 Year Warranty.

Includes 2 Patented Grease Fittings.
Complete Assembly with core charge $870.99
$670.99 Assembly cost + $200.00 refundable core cost = Total cost $870.99 
Product Number: RS145R

We reserve the right to change prices and specifications without prior notice,


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