SS RH Rear Caliper 65-82 +$50 Refundable Core Charge / Product Number: RS166R

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SS RH Rear Caliper 65-82
  • The $50 Core Charge is refundable once "Rebuildable GM Delco Moraine Core Only" is received
  • $119.99 (Caliper) + $50 (Refundable Core Charge) = $169.99 total
  • Must use Dot 3 or Dot 4 brake fluid , use of Dot 5 Silicone fluid voids manufacture warranty.

NOTE: Limited Lifetime Warranty: This caliper has a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser against leakage of the stainless steel sleeve during normal use. Seals and pistons are expressly excluded from the warranty as these are considered normal wear items. Any suspected leakage of the sleeve as a result of manufacturing defects shall be at the sole discretion of the manufacturer.

Product Number: RS166R