How to Check if Shocks/Struts Need Replacement

Shocks and struts are important but often overlooked parts that help our vehicles keep a grip on the road. Their primary job is to make sure the tires are in control and in contact with the road surface. Over time, shock and struts absorbers can be damaged by large potholes, corrosion from road salt, or by simple wearing. The result? Problems with steering, handling, and braking! This is the time when you need to replace these components. Need used C2, C3 Corvette suspension parts? Get them The Spindle People today! Here is how to check if your shocks/struts have gone bad? 

  • Rough Ride or Extra Bounce - If your car bounces more than once after hitting a bump—when braking hard or during a panic stop—there might be some problem with the shocks and struts. You can also test the components by pushing down on the corner of the vehicle. The car should not bounce back more than once, and the front of the car should not nosedive excessively.
  • Steering Problems – Another important sign of a shock or strut problem is hard steering. Your steering wheel may feel stiff or difficult to turn. It may also feel like your car is swaying away or leaning when you are making a turn or switching lanes.
  • Oil Leakage – Remove the wheels and check for oil leaking out of the shocks or struts. If the parts are failed or damaged, there will likely be an oily dirt sludge buildup on the body of the shock absorbers or struts. You might need to replace the components with new ones to fix the problem.
  • Replacing worn shock absorbers or struts will restore ride control and handling of your vehicle. Also, they can help reduce potential wear of other steering and suspension components.

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