Get New Rotors For Your Corvette If It’s Giving Out These Signs

We all change our Corvette’s brake pads at regular intervals as replacing them is not that difficult. But what is not simple to repair, in comparison to brake pads, are brake rotors. Replacing them can prove to be a bit of a chore. Each wheel of your Corvette has its rotor and should ideally be replaced from 15,000 to 50,000 miles. But are there any particular signs that indicate toward urgent rotor replacement? Yes, there are and in this blog, we’re going to discuss just that. Without much further ado, let’s find out what those signs are!

Corvette Shakes When You Apply Brakes

If your vehicle starts shaking just when you apply the brakes, then it is quite likely the rotors are failing. In majority of the cases, this happens when the rotors have become either warped or twisted. In such situations, brakes pads find it difficult to get in touch with the rotors, which ultimately leads to the shaking of the vehicle. 

Pay Attention To The Sound As You Brake

It is important for you to first know that not all noises or sounds mean damaged rotors. But there are certain noises like squealing that very likely points toward bad rotors. In most cases, warped rotors produce a squealing noise whereas old, damaged rotors give out a scraping sort of noise. Often times, brakes pads are known for causing these types of noises in the vehicle. So, it is advisable you take a look at the rotors too.

Rotors Have Score And Groove Marks

If you think there is something wrong with the rotors, the best thing is to take a look at them straightaway. Since rotors get pressed by the brake pads repeatedly to slow down the vehicle, it is obvious that these disc-like objects will go down in quality over time. If they are fine, they will look quite smooth, without any sort of marks. And if they aren’t, then they will likely have scoring or grooves on them, and in some cases, both. You can continue to use such rotors but they will not last long and would eventually require replacement.

These are some of the most common signs of worn out or warped rotors. If you aren’t sure whether you should replace the rotors or not, then check their thickness. If they are above the minimum thickness level, then we can skim them to fix the areas with issues. But if their thickness has gone down below the minimum thickness level, then you should replace them. 

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