Signs Your Car’s Master Brake Cylinder Needs Attention

The master cylinder, also called master brake cylinder, plays a pivotal role in sports cars such as C2-C3 Corvette’s breaking mechanism. What it does is that by running brake fluid into the brake circuit, it changes the pressure put on the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure. It regulates this pressure as per the mechanical force applied. It operates by using a metal rod which is pushed through a cylinder to move fluid via the braking system to the wheels. This metal rod’s one end is connected with the pedal and is prompted when the pedal is pressed down.

A defective or wore down master cylinder will certainly make its presence felt to the driver. Below are the signs that tell you it is time to buy a C2-C3 Corvette master cylinder that is brand new and fully functional.

You’ll Notice Unusual Brake Pedal Response
Many C2-C3 Corvette owners noticed that with their old, wore down the master cylinder, their car’s brake pedal used to behave differently. Since the master brake cylinder is the key constituent in the braking mechanism of a sports car as it is responsible for producing all of the pressure for the braking system, any type of issue with its pressure distributing function will ultimately make its presence felt to the driver. With time and frequent use, the cylinder’s seals will deteriorate and cause internal leaks. A faulty master cylinder will make the pedal feel spongy and mushy.

Changed Brake Fluid Color
Another sign of a faulty master brake cylinder is the contamination of brake fluid. There are rubber seals present in master cylinders. These seals, when they have worn out over time, make the brake fluid foul and change its color to either black or dark brown. Along with contaminating the brake fluid, a master cylinder with failing seals will also show poor ability to hold brake pressure. It will cause your car’s brake pedal to touch the floor rather slowly when pressed.

New Cars Have an Indicator
Newer cars of today have sensors placed in the master cylinder that alerts the owners about any issue with their car’s brake fluid pressure, which is known to be produced by the master brake cylinder. A
‘Check Engine Light’ will flash if there’s any problem with the pressure, which will inform the driver about a possible faulty master cylinder.

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