Changes and Development In Corvette Emblems By Years

The Chevrolet Corvette has been a car of the class, and Corvette emblems by year have been its identification ever since its launch in 1953. The car has also seen many dramatic changes over the years, with better performance and appealing aesthetics to excellent control. And this isn’t surprising that it then became synonymous with racing in the true sense. Its emblems have also gone through several changes, starting with the first-generation model to the 8th generation. 

Let’s look at the different faces of the Corvette emblems by year:

Very First

It had a white circle with two crossed flags — a checkered on the right and American on the left — with a rim around them. It also has the words ‘Chevrolet’ on top and ‘Corvette’ on the bottom.

Second – 1953 to 1962

It was the same as the first one, but it had a red flag with the golden bow-tie and fleur-de-lis (flower of the lily) instead of the American flag. It was designed for the 1953 Corvette model.

Third – 1963 to 1967

In this logo, the company removed the white background of the circle and made the flags bigger in length. The flags went outside the circle boundary. The company also removed the words Chevrolet and Corvette, as it concluded that the car was now easily identifiable by just its logo. The logo was first seen on the legendary ‘Z06’ race pack model.

Fourth – 1968 to 1982

The company removed the circle completely for this logo, and the flags were placed slightly more outward sloping. This logo was wider than its predecessor. It was first used for the Mako Shark model.

Fifth – 1984 to 1996

With a significant change, this logo had flags with no poles, and the circular border was complete back. Besides, the checkered design was slightly shifted to the left, and the red flag showed only the bow tie.

Sixth – 1997 to 2004

While this logo was restored to its initial design, the checkered flag stayed on the left and fleur-de-lis was used beside the golden bow-tie to the right. What’s more, the flag length was increased; however, there was no other change. The C5 generation Vette’s saw this logo.

Seventh – 2005 to 2013

This was the new Corvette emblem design in which the circular border and the flag posts have been removed. Moreover, the flags’ design has been extended as the post. Generation C6 saw this logo.

Eighth – 2014 onwards

While this logo looks the same as the previous one, the flags are slightly higher. This Corvette emblem by year has a very modern look.

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